Here at Pyramid Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to offer “nose to tail” examinations.

Regular physical examinations is the cornerstone to a healthy pet. We offer extended appointment times for one on one time with your veterinarian. Examinations are performed with the client present whenever possible so that each body system can be addressed immediately and clients can ask questions as they go.

Wellness Examinations

These type of examinations should be done at least annually and help to communicate goals for that year. Just like humans, animals should have regular visits to assess weight and the body systems such as eyes, ears, skin and coat, dental condition, etc. By having a conversation about how your pet has been feeling, many conditions can either be prevented, or caught early, thereby extending the life of your pet.

Diagnostic Examinations

When a pet is not feeling well or you have a concern, the examination with a doctor is the first step. We will obtain relevant history for your pet that will help the doctor in a diagnosis. Should more diagnostic testing be necessary, the doctor will discuss the next step with you in detail, making every attempt to find answers as quickly as possible and get your pet feeling back to themselves again.

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